Discover 200 breeds of dog in London this November

Despite there being 211 different dog breeds officially recognised in the UK, just ten breeds dominate the canine population in Britain, making up more than half of all pedigree dogs.

Ahead of its Discover Dogs event in London this November, the Kennel Club has revealed that British dog owners are missing out on a plethora of wonderful and interesting breeds. Breeds such as the Hovawart, Hungarian Puli, Russian Black Terrier, Sloughi, Schipperke and Cesky Terrier are being overlooked in favour of the Border Terrier, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Pug and just a handful of others.

The Labrador Retriever has been Britain's most popular dog breed for more than 20 years and its popularity does not seem to be fading. In 2012, more than 36,000 puppies - 16% of all of the pedigree dogs registered in the UK - were Labradors. This is in stark contrast to the British native breeds, the Otterhound, Skye Terrier and Sussex Spaniel for example, which only managed 153 registrations between them.

Every November, Discover Dogs attracts hundreds of different dog breeds and thousands of visitors. The annual event aims to bring almost forgotten breeds back to the public consciousness and enlighten people about the unique lifestyle requirements and characteristics of different dog breeds.

At a previous event, comedian Jimmy Carr paid a visit and fell in love with the English Toy Terrier, a breed native to this country but at risk of becoming extinct with worryingly low yearly puppy registrations. After finding out about the breed at Discover Dogs, Jimmy is now the loving owner of Ollie, a beautiful English Toy Terrier, a breed which generally only needs 30 minutes of exercise a day and thus fits well with his busy schedule.

Discover Dogs, sponsored by Eukanuba and Metro Bank is taking place at Earls Court on November 9th and 10th, featuring around 200 breeds, from the most popular to the vulnerable native breeds which are in danger of extinction, as well as interesting foreign breeds and everything in between.

Caroline Kisko Kennel Club Secretary said: "The top ten dog breeds are all wonderful breeds, but it is about time we used our imagination and looked at the other fantastic dog breeds in the UK.

"Too many people choose a dog because they like the look of it, or perhaps their friends or a celebrity has the breed. Discover Dogs helps and encourages people to look further, find out about why certain dog breeds are or are not suitable for the individual's lifestyle and gives people the tools to make informed choices that will lead to a happy relationship."

Discover Dogs is a family friendly event; visitors can meet hundreds of dogs, watch the fast paced agility and flyball competitions, the famous Scruffts crossbreed competition semi-final and the Junior Handler of the Year final. There will also be Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme displays, Companion Dog Club competitions and much more. For further information on this great day out, please visit or telephone 020 7518 1012.

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