Warning About Microchip Company Targeting Breeders

The Kennel Club has been alerted to a misleading campaign by a microchip database, which claims to be associated with Petlog, the largest lost and found microchip database, managed by the Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club has been informed that a new company on the market has been contacting breeders through the Kennel Club website to sell its microchips and database service. The organisation claims to be recognised by Petlog.

Petlog wishes to clarify that it works independently of other databases and does not give endorsement or recognition to them, and neither does it have any current plans to do so in the future. Petlog will, however, always direct authorised agents directly to the relevant database if they report a found pet with a microchip. This is because Petlog works in the best interests of the pet and wants to ensure their swift reunification with the owner: it is not an endorsement or recognition of the database itself.

Celia Walsom, Petlog Executive said: "We are concerned that people are being misled in to joining a different database that is not as robust, and doesn't offer the benefits of Petlog.

"We want to alert all breeders to the current activity by one microchip database and inform everyone that Petlog does not work with any other database. If a company should claim that Petlog recognises them then all they actually mean is that we will ensure that people are directed to the right database, if the details of a microchippped animal are reported to us."

Petlog is the UK's largest lost and found database for microchipped pets and it works with 11 leading microchip suppliers. Pets registered with the Petlog database benefit from a whole host of benefits including a true 24/7, 365 service, with a call centre based in the UK. Furthermore, Petlog is the only database to be linked to a European network of databases, which includes 32 databases working together to give owners the best chance of finding their pets wherever they are lost, even in another country.

Petlog also offers its Petlog Premium service, which not only allows customers to update their contact information as frequently as necessary, it also allows emergency contact information to be added. Petlog sends out a lost pet alert to authorised agents within a 30 mile radius should a pet go missing and works in partnership with apps such as mydoguk and mycatuk to offer the Petlog Premium benefits at the touch of a button.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "We are proud to manage Petlog and offer customers the numerous benefits the service offers. We urge all breeders to keep their puppies registered with Petlog and continue to only microchip with Petlog-affiliated chips to ensure that they will remain with Petlog. If you are in doubt as to which chips work with Petlog, you can find a full list of microchip manufacturers on the Petlog website."

For more information on Petlog and the microchip manufacturers it works with, please visit www.petlog.org.uk/microchip-suppliers.

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