New Breed Health Survey For German Wirehaired Pointer Supported By Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is supporting a recently launched breed health survey for German Wirehaired Pointers, designed to give a stronger picture of the health of the breed.

The survey, compiled by the German Wirehaired Pointer Health Sub-Committee, will help the breed to put any problems in context by asking owners to submit reports on their healthy dogs, as well as those with diagnosed health conditions.

The survey can be completed by anyone who owns a German Wirehaired Pointer, whether Kennel Club registered or not, and all information given will be treated in complete confidence, with no names of dogs, or owners' details ever being published. 

The survey will provide meaningful data that can be used, if required, by researchers focusing on canine health issues.  After the survey period has ended, the results will be analysed and published as a breed health report.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We are pleased to see that the German Wirehaired Pointer Health Sub-Committee has launched a breed health survey to ascertain the general health of the breed in order to maintain the best health for the future.

"Breed health surveys are a great way to monitor any health issues that may be present in a breed, and enable those who love the breed to tackle these as effectively as possible, so we would recommend that anyone with a German Wirehaired Pointer takes part in the survey."

The open ended survey is available for completion online and can be found on the German Wirehaired Pointer Health website at A paper copy of the survey, as well as further information, can be obtained by emailing Tony Taylor at

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