Kennel Club and Dogs Trust Welcome Harrods' Decision on Puppy Sales

The Kennel Club and Dogs Trust have welcomed the decision by Harrods to stop the sale of puppies in store, with the closure of its Pet Kingdom department.

Both organisations have met jointly with representatives from Harrods over the last ten years to discuss the issue of canine welfare and the risks associated with buying puppies from pet shops, and see the move as a positive step in improving dog welfare. Harrods has now followed the example set by the majority of the pet trade in recent years in stopping the sale of puppies in shops.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We are thrilled that puppies will no longer be sold in Harrods and would very much like to see all stores which sell puppies follow suit, as the sale of dogs in pet shops can unfortunately encourage puppy farmers."

Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust Chief Executive, explained: "Whilst Dogs Trust warmly welcomes the news of the closure of the Harrods Pet Kingdom, it is a shame that the stated reasons for it were motivated by commercial interests and not animal welfare. A pet shop is not an appropriate environment in which to sell puppies and kittens and our supporters have long expressed their concern about the UK's most famous department store selling pets."

Both the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust continue to lobby for a change in the law to prohibit the sale of dogs in pet shops, and see this, along with public education on dog ownership and how best to buy a dog, as the best way to protect the welfare of puppies being sold and bought. Responsible breeders will not sell their puppies through pet shops and instead insist that potential buyers see their puppies with their mothers and in their home environment; putting the puppy's health and welfare first.

Caroline continued: "The Kennel Club and Dogs Trust have for many years now expressed concern over the sale of puppies in Harrods.  Whilst Harrods has never sold puppies 'over the counter', ensuring that no one is simply allowed to buy a puppy on the spot, buying from any type of pet shop is something that we would never recommend as we would always advise that puppies are purchased direct from the breeder and seen with their mother at the breeder's home."

Both the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust believe that a pet shop simply cannot offer the proper environment needed to home puppies, even on a temporary basis. They strongly advise that people avoid buying puppies from pet shops, as these are often outlets used by puppy farmers, who breed their dogs in poor conditions, leading to health and behavioural problems.  Those wishing to buy a puppy responsibly should consider going to a rescue organisation or visiting a Kennel Club Assured Breeder, who will be inspected by the Kennel Club, as a UKAS accredited inspection body, and who ensure that their pups are socialised and cared for in the best possible way.

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