Last Chance To Enter Your Image Into The Dog Photographer Of The Year 2013 Competition

Time is running out to enter the biggest canine photography competition of the year, and with prizes including a day with a professional photographer and a prestigious artist painting the winning image, the competition is one not to be missed.

The Kennel Club Dog Photographer of the Year Competition celebrates the bond we have with our dogs and the wonderful artistic license our canine best friends provide us with. It is free to enter the annual canine photography competition, however time is running out as the deadline for submissions is 31stAugust.

This year the overall winner will have their image painted by acclaimed artist Sara Abbott, and will also receive a signed cartoon by 'Life with Dogs' artist, Rupert Fawcett and an underwater camera housing courtesy of Overboard. Recognising the potential of young contestants, the winner of the 16 and under category will receive a day's course in canine photography with award-winning photographer, Andy Biggar.

Artist Sara Abbott is gifted in canine art and this year will be recreating the overall winning image in her unique and celebrated style. The self-taught artist specialises in the surface of living things, be it skin, hair or fur, and her unique specialty lends itself perfectly to canine art.

The winner of the 16 and under category for the competition, entitled, 'I Love Dogs Because' will receive the unique opportunity to spend the day with photographer Andy Biggar. The prize is aimed at helping give talented young photographers a step on the ladder to a career or successful past time in photography.

Kennel Club Secretary, Caroline Kisko, said: "This competition is a highlight of the year. In each image, a hint of each dog's personality is revealed - there are no two images the same. It is wonderful to see what talented dog owners we have out there and witness the pride owners have for their dogs.

"The prizes have been carefully chosen to give the winners something they will treasure forever, be it an unforgettable experience with an award-winning photographer or a priceless painting of your image. The images of our dogs are so beautiful, I wish everyone could win."

There are six categories to enter: five that are open to all ages - Dog Portrait, Dogs at Play, Dogs at Work, Man's Best Friend and Puppies - and one category open exclusively to those aged 16 and under; 'I love dogs because.'

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