Kennel Club journal replaces Kennel Gazette

The Kennel Gazette will cease publication at the end of the year and will be replaced by the monthly digital Kennel Club Journal from January 2014.

The Kennel Club Journal will include a column from the Chairman, all the current information about events, the field trials calendar, announcements of General Committee decisions relating to Registration of Title, Breed Standard amendments, disciplinary and disqualification notices, judging announcements, field officer visits and other activities related notices.  It will also publish announcements relating to new Members and Associates, current fees, recently granted kennel names and the seminar diary. The exact format and content will be confirmed in more detail in the autumn.

The Kennel Club Journal will be available on the Kennel Club website and a link to it will be emailed to Members, Associates and Club Secretaries. Print copies will be available to Members, Associates and Club Secretaries who do not have email access but who currently receive the Kennel Gazette as part of their membership package or club registration.

All Members, Associates and Club Secretaries have been written to, while Affiliates and Kennel Gazette subscribers will be written to at the end of August with information about their subscription packages.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "In line with the majority of businesses, we are switching over to a more cost effective digital publication which will replace the Kennel Gazette. Our Kennel Gazette readership survey showed us that the events and notices section of the publication was the most popular and frequently read part of the magazine, and this will be reflected in the content of the new online Kennel Club Journal.

"We bid the Kennel Gazette a fond farewell but this is a step forward that reflects the changing nature of communication, and we look forward to delivering an informative Kennel Club Journal in the future."

For queries or further information please contact the Kennel Club publications department or phone 020 7518 1016.

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