Kennel Club welcomes interim report on future of English forests

The Independent Panel on Forestry has released its interim progress report this week, outlining their views thus far on the future of forests and woodlands in England.

The Panel was established in March 2011 to help advise on the future direction of forestry and woodland policy in England as a response to the public uproar over the proposed sale of the public forest estate.

The Kennel Club welcomes the Panel's support for public forests and for its recognition and backing that 'current level and quality of access to the public forest estate should be maintained, for the long term, and for the benefit and health of the nation.'

A word from the Kennel Club

Caroline Kisko, the Kennel Club's Communications Director, said: "The report highlights the importance of forestry and woodland to the public and believes that there is a vital role in continuing the role of a national public forest estate in England.

"Dog walkers comprise one of the largest forest access user groups, with 48% of people walking on Forestry Commission land doing so with their dogs. The report's consideration of the importance of access to all users is essential in securing and improving future access to all.

"The Kennel Club supports the Panel's interim findings and hopes that the final report will truly consider the needs of permissive access users which are the most vulnerable in any potential land sale."

The Independent Panel on Forestry's final recommendations and full report will be released in spring 2012.

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