Where does the money go?

Each year we assist by funding a wide variety of organisations ranging from universities, re-homing shelters, adoption societies and support dogs.

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The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has helped a range of welfare organisations to make a difference for dogs. One such organisation recently in receipt of a grant of £3,000 to fund their dog isolation unit was Eden Animal Rescue.


The Trust provides grants to support dog charities such as Dogs for the Disabled and Canine Partners to help train dogs to assist both adults and children.

Science and Education

Over the last 22 years, the Trust has helped fund many research projects into inherited diseases in dogs, and it also provides a number of bursaries to the British Veterinary Nursing Association. This includes the creation and funding of the Kennel Club Genetics Centre.

Since being established, in March 2009, the centre has focused on helping dog breeders to reduce or eradicate inherited diseases from their breeds. This has been achieved through the development and provision of essential tools which minimise the risk of breeding affected puppies.


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