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I am Raymond Holt and I am the newly appointed Gamekeeper at Emblehope and Burngrange Estate. I have been a gamekeeper for over 30 years on a number of estates across Scotland including 10 years on the renowned Kinpurnie estate, nr Dundee, where a number of trials were held every year including the very successful 1990 IGL championship. I have always been interested in the gundog trials and hosting trials. I personally don’t do a lot of trialling as I am a fully committed gamekeeper and that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

Anne, my wife, trains her own line of Labradors that she runs at trials, picking-up on grouse moors and low-ground shoots.  

The goal is to turn Emblehope & Burngrange estate into a centre of excellence for gundog training and we look forward to the challenges ahead. It is a long term project and will take a few years until the estate reaches its full potential, but when you look at the ground that potential is clear to see. The estate has so much variety, with bracken filled gullies, rough pasture, expansive wetlands and heather at different stages, there are training opportunities for any gundog of any stage or age.

I believe in putting something back into the career that has been my passion since I left school and I’m proud to be a Trustee of the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust and an honorary member of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association. As well as a member of the National Gamekeepers Organisation and The British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

I am looking forward to the challenges that the estate will bring, and I look forward to welcoming the visitors to the estate.


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