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Staff profile - Marianne Walker

Luisa Foster is now on Maternity Leave, and we wait with bated breath for her happy news. I'd like to introduce myself as I will be covering her post for a year; my name is Marianne Walker and this is not the first time that I have worked at the Kennel Club. Back in 2012 I was the Field Trials Sub-Committee Secretary, a post that I left in order to undertake an Artists Residency at the Florence Trust in Islington.

Following the completion of my residency I worked in a gallery and event space in Old Street and am very happy to have the opportunity to return to the Kennel Club. I am still learning the collection but can already see how spectacular it is, and how important the collection is for demonstrating the longevity and value of the Kennel Club's work.

I am very fortunate to have the inestimable support of Valerie Foss, Paul MacBeth, Ciara Farrell and Heidi Hudson, and am anticipating some great exhibitions in the Gallery over the next year - please do come and see us.