Donations and Legacies for the Library or Art Gallery

The Kennel Club is pro-active in its search for 'Special Collections', paintings, trophies and memorabilia. We are always interested to learn of new collections, artefacts or publications of substantial historical importance that might be suitable for donation. Accepted donations become part of the Kennel Club 'Treasures', a collection that forms the most comprehensive archive of canine material in Europe.

Artefacts donated to the Kennel Club can be assured of playing a significant role in the importance of the collection. Many of the 'Special Collections' donated to the Club are the result of years of personal research by the donor that allows a researcher access to a wide array of information, often unique in its content.

Paintings, trophies and other memorabilia are currently housed throughout the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club has an Art Gallery at Clarges Street, London providing a more permanent display of our artwork and memorabilia and allowing greater access to researchers and the general public.

All artefacts are protected by an active conservation policy, including humidity and temperature controlled vaults and the advice of a team of experts.

If you wish to make a donation to the Kennel Club, or leave artefact/s to the Kennel Club in your Will, please contact the Kennel Club's Library and Collections Manager or the Kennel Club Secretary, in writing. Your letter should, where possible, include details of the artefact/s you wish to bestow. Any information supporting the importance of the artefact/s such as its historical significance, analysis of its condition and measurements are most welcome as they assist the selection process.

Donations will be assessed for suitability. In some cases it might be necessary to view these items before making a final judgement. In all occasions where artefacts cannot be accepted we will endeavour to provide details of an alternative collection where it would receive the care, attention and enjoyment a donor would wish.

The Library and Collections Manager can be contacted through the Library at 1-5 Clarges Street, London. W1J 8AB or email The Library.


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