Trade stand holders at Kennel Club events

The Kennel Club does not support the use of negative training methods, does not allow any of the negative devices listed below to be sold or advertised at Kennel Club organised events and does not endorse any such products.

The following information is outlined in our Trade Stand Holder's Manual:

Please note sale or promotion of the following products is strictly prohibited:

  • All electrical shock training devices
  • Prong collars
  • Hushers
  • Show stackers
  • Dog-o-matic washing machines.

It should also be noted that dogs should not be adorned with items of clothing or accessories unless it is for purely functional purposes, such as to keep a dog warm. Anything which could potentially cause a dog frustration, distress, irritation or harm cannot be endorsed by the Kennel Club or advertised in any of its publications.'

Companies that choose to take a stand at one of our events are prohibited from selling or taking any orders for products that breach any of our terms and conditions.  In accordance with the Trade Stand Holder's Manual, the promotion of specified products is prohibited and stand holders may be asked to provide a written guarantee that this regulation will be adhered to.

The Kennel Club ensures all trade stands meet the terms of agreement and do not break any policies throughout the event.

Last updated - November 2013

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