The Kennel Club and the Iams company

In March 2003, animal extremists launched a sensationalised campaign against the Iams Company. After a review of the facts, the Kennel Club satisfied itself that this campaign does not accurately reflect the nature of the programmes and practices carried out by Iams. We consider that Iams now has a leading-edge policy for animal studies and welfare. For this reason, we continue to work with the Iams Company.

After thorough discussion with representatives of the company, the Kennel Club understands Iams' policies, practices and procedures and it particularly welcomes the activities of the company's International Animal Care Advisory Board. This board includes representatives from the UK animal welfare community. It also conducts unannounced visits at Iams' internal and external facilities. In addition, we understand that it evaluates critically the Iams Animal Studies Policy, as well as the Iams animal care and welfare programmes, in order to ensure the health and well-being of the dogs and cats with which the company works. 

The Kennel Club notes that Iams makes its policies, programmes, and a video of its Pet Health and Nutrition Centre publicly available at We encourage enquirers who have any questions regarding Iams to call the Iams Care Line, telephone 0808 1007010, e-mail, and visit 

Last updated - November 2013

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