Testing on animals

The Kennel Club is principally opposed to the use of animals for testing purposes, unless there is no alternative, and will continue to work towards improving animal welfare by increasing an awareness of the human responsibility regarding animals and helping fund research into alternative testing methods.

The Kennel Club supports and funds the work of FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) which is critical to the future well being of all animals and supports the principles of the three R's (Refinement, Reduction and Replacement). These are the guiding principles which underpin the humane use of animals in scientific research.

While it is acknowledged that testing is required by national and international laws and regulations, the Kennel Club remains strongly opposed to the use of dogs (and other animals) in cosmetic testing, chemical toxicology and drug safety evaluation. Testing on animals for the further advancement in both human and animal welfare as well as the environment should be kept to an absolute minimum and alternative tests used wherever possible.

The transposition of EU Directive/2010/63 into UK legislation came into effect from January 1st2013. The Kennel Club has managed to secure additional protection for dogs in relation to their use in scientific research experiments.

In relation to stray dogs, the transposed Directive will not allow for experiments on stray animals except in only rare and exceptionally justified cases.

The Kennel Club continues to work with the government to decrease the use of animals being used in these experiments, to help ensure animal welfare standards are being upheld in any procedure and to work towards increasing the use of alternative methods.

Last updated - November 2013

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