Prong Collars

The Kennel Club opposes the use of prong collars as a means of training and controlling dog behaviour as they train the dog to respond out of fear.

Prong collars have a number of inward facing metal prongs which are designed to tighten around the dog's neck and cause pain and discomfort when tension is applied through the lead. In extreme cases they can puncture the dog's skin and cause serious injuries that could lead to further complications. Prong collars are mainly used on larger and more powerful dogs to reduce pulling behaviour on the lead.

Prong collars are an aversive method of training which can pose a welfare and health risk to dog welfare. The Kennel Club believes that unwanted behaviour in dogs is best resolved by positive training methods which do not compromise the dog's health or welfare and help to further develop the bond between dog and owner.

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prong collars
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