Microchip implantation

The Kennel Club is of the view that any individuals who have received formal training should be allowed to implant microchips into dogs.

Due to the numbers of stray dogs in rescue centres and local authority kennels, restricting implantation, say to veterinary surgeons only, would be impractical and burdensome. Such a restriction would also disrupt positive schemes run by small businesses and organisations that currently provide microchipping services to the public. Furthermore, trained implanters such as breeders and dog wardens are often regarded as being among the most competent due to the frequency with which they carry out microchipping

In today's difficult economic climate, a wide range of implanters reduces the impact on breeders who may wish to save costs by undertaking an implanting course in order to carry out microchipping themselves - resulting in lower costs for both them and the new owners of their puppies.

By ensuring that the implantation of microchips is not restricted, it is easier for dog owners to have their pets microchipped which inevitably has a positive impact on public compliance and responsible dog ownership.  The Kennel Club does however recognise the need to ensure that all those undertaking chipping are properly trained in order to ensure that a high quality standard is adhered to across the board. 

Last updated - November 2013

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