Home microchip kits

The Kennel Club and Petlog are aware of websites currently selling 'DIY Microchip Kits'.  This practice, although highly unethical, is not illegal but the Kennel Club has alerted the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs with its concerns. 

The Kennel Club has discussed the possibility of bringing in government-led standards and codes for the quality of microchips, databases and indeed how a microchip must be implanted, prior to the enactment of forthcoming legislation on compulsory microchipping in April 2016. The Kennel Club feels it is essential to have best practice in place as soon as possible to make sure people can comply easily and have confidence in the methods they use to do so.

In the meantime the Kennel Club, together with the Microchipping Alliance, have written to some of the websites selling these products to express our profound concern regarding the sale of these devices. All the member organisations of the Microchipping Alliance are strongly opposed to the sale of microchips directly to pet owners.

Microchipping should only be performed by a suitably trained person to minimise complications or harm to pets. Owners microchipping their animals themselves could be in breach of the Animal Welfare Act if they cause unnecessary suffering to their pet or fail to protect their pet from pain or injury.

Last updated - November 2013

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