Designer Dogs

The Kennel Club's primary aim is to protect and promote all dogs, and crossbreed dogs, such as 'Labradoodles', 'Puggles' and 'Cockerpoos' etc, may be registered with us on the Activity register.

However, the Kennel Club is concerned that some unscrupulous breeders may be breeding these types of dog simply for financial profit, rather than with the health and welfare of the dogs in mind. This can mean that they will mass produce puppies to meet the latest celebrity-driven trend and will sell them on to people who are buying the dog as a fad rather than based on an educated decision about what is right for them. Buying a dog is a lifetime commitment and they should not be purchased on a whim or to go along with the latest fashion.

The Kennel Club is further concerned that the crossing of these breeds may result in health problems if the breeder is more interested in making money than about welfare. Any responsible breeder will undertake health tests prior to breeding a litter and this should apply just as much to a crossbreed as to a purebred dog.

As an example, a 'Labradoodle' is the result of a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. Both of these breeds can be susceptible to hip problems and simply crossing them will only exacerbate the problem and not eradicate it.

A 'designer' dog is a crossbreed and may prove to be less predictable than a purebred dog. The advantages of buying a pedigree dog include the predictability of specific breed traits including behaviour and temperament, care needs, and their health predisposition. This gives the owner a better chance of understanding the needs of the dog, and which breed will be best for them.

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