Compulsory Scanning

The issue of compulsory scanning is unfortunately not a simple one. People take their pets to veterinary surgeries primarily for medical and surgical treatment, and the Kennel Club would not want dog owners to be deterred from taking their dog to receive medical attention because they feel they may be penalised for not having their dog microchipped. Ultimately the dog's welfare is the priority.

We agree with the BVA's position of recommending microchip scanning on first presentation to the practice to ensure all dogs are microchipped and their contact details are correct in order to comply with the law.

Compulsory microchipping legislation, in place from April 2016, puts the responsibility firmly on the owner and we feel it is the responsibility of the dog owner alone to ensure their dog is microchipped and their contact details are kept up to date on the relevant database to ensure they will be reunited in the event that their dog may be lost or stolen.


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