Compulsory identification of dogs

The Kennel Club is in favour of making microchipping compulsory for all dogs and contributes greatly to the promotion of microchipping through various events, including National Microchipping Month. The Kennel Club also runs the UK's largest pet reunification database, Petlog, and therefore supports any proposals to make microchipping compulsory providing it applies toalldogs.

The Kennel Club is a part of the Microchipping Alliance, which includes Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, British Veterinary Association, Cats Protection and Guide Dogs for the Blind*. This position is consistent with all the members of the Microchipping Alliance as well.

It is already a requirement of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme that all members must permanently identify their dogs. Since January 2010, all dogs presented under the BVA/KC Canine Health Schemes must also be permanently identified by microchip or tattoo.

The Kennel Club through all its activities and particularly through its Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme, seeks to educate all dog owners to the benefits, both to themselves and to society, of responsible dog ownership.

Through the Kennel Club and Microchipping Alliance's lobbying efforts, the government has announced a package of measures to promote responsible dog ownership which includes the introduction of compulsory microchipping for all dogs as secondary legislation under the Animal Welfare 2006 from 6 April 2016.

The Kennel Club will continue to work with the government and the animal welfare organisations to ensure the implementation of compulsory microchipping is successful and compliance rates high. To show its commitment to the government's announcement, the Kennel Club has pledged to gift a microchip scanner to every local authority in England and Wales.

*Members of the Microchipping Alliance include: Association of Dogs and Cats Homes, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, British Veterinary Association, British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Cats Protection, Communication Workers Union, Dogs Trust, Feline Advisory Bureau, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, National Dog Wardens Association, PDSA, RSPCA, The Blue Cross, The Kennel Club, Vets Get Scanning, Wood Green Animal Shelter and Dog Theft Action.

Last updated - May 2016

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