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The Kennel Club is a member of the Animal Welfare Education Alliance (AWEA) which is formed by a group of 20 charities and organisations including the Dogs Trust, Cats Protection and Blue Cross. The group's aim is to raise awareness of the need for responsible pet ownership and ensure that all five welfare needs of animals outlined in the Animal Welfare Act (2006) are referred to as part of a new curriculum.

The Kennel Club, along with the Animal Welfare Education Alliance members and education professionals, believes that teaching children to care for and respect animals from an early age can have wider beneficial consequences for both animals and society as a whole. Encouraging empathy and respect for living things is important for ensuring young people integrate effectively with society.

With over 60% of children coming from homes that have pets and only 16% of children currently being taught about how to care for pets at school, this illustrates the need for the curriculum to allow teachers the scope to teach about all five welfare needs and reflect the current legislative requirements as set in the Animal Welfare Act, linking the needs to scientific knowledge and concepts with lessons.

For this reason, the Alliance is working together to lobby government to amend current curriculum proposals to reflect legislative requirements from basic needs to the five welfare needs under the Animal Welfare Act.

Last updated - November 2013