Issue statements

The Kennel Club's External Affairs team has a number of statements on issues affecting the health and welfare of dogs which may be quoted for press use. Our issue statements provide the Kennel Club's position and the most relevant information relating to each issue. For further information, please contact the Kennel Club Press Office.  

SEC IS04 - Cloning

SEC IS05 - Code of Ethics

SEC IS06 - Compulsory identification

SEC IS06a - Compulsory Licensing

SEC IS06b - Compulsory Scanning

SEC IS07 - Dangerous Dogs Act

SEC IS08 - Docking

SEC IS09 - Dog and Cat Fur

SEC IS09a - Dog and Cat Meat

SEC IS09b -  FCI World Dog Show 2019 in China

SEC IS10 - Electric Shock Collars

SEC IS15 - Puppy Farming - what the KC does

SEC IS18 - Testing on animals

SEC IS19 - Dog rental companies

SEC IS19a - Dog sharing

SEC IS20 - Fair access for dog walkers

SEC IS26 - Restricting dog breeding

SEC IS21 - Snares

SEC IS22 - Dog fouling

SEC IS23 - Designer Dogs

SEC IS27 - The use of crates for dogs

SEC IS28 - The Animal Welfare Act

SEC IS30 - Removal of dew claws

SEC IS32 - Pet Travel

SEC IS33 - Dogs in food service establishments

SEC IS34 - Dog health and welfare

SEC IS35 - Teacup puppies

SEC IS36 - Livestock worrying

SEC IS37 - Disease control

SEC IS39 - Pet advertising

SEC IS40 - Trade stand holders at KC events

SEC IS43 - Dog parks

SEC IS44 - Dogs and families with young children

SEC IS45 - The Jack Russell

SEC IS47 - Puppy smuggling


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