Kennel Club Legacy Investment Fund

The Kennel Club 'Legacy Fund' is for the purpose of 'funding approved projects submitted by the dog community including but not restricted to health and canine activity related projects and which support the Kennel Club's aims and objectives'.  These projects are typically those that require an injection of funds to get them started, or projects with a credible business case but for which the necessary funds are not within reach of the individual, club or organisation.

Applications for investment funds are available by way of application to members of the Kennel Club, Kennel Club Registered Clubs, projects supported by Kennel Club Sub-Committees and Working Parties and the Kennel Club business.  Applications for funds may also be made by individuals, clubs and organisations not formally connected to the Kennel Club but that have a 'sponsor' in the form of a Kennel Club Registered Club, or a Member of a Kennel Club committee for example. Organisations connected with the welfare of dogs, or organisations with a role within the community promoting the benefits of dog ownership may also apply for funds on the same basis.

Funds are available in the following ways:

  • A grant, or grants, where no repayment of the capital is expected or required.
  • Matched funding, where the applicant(s) raise funds and the Legacy Fund matches the money raised on a one-for-one basis.
  • A loan, where interest at the market rate for interest is payable for the period of the loan or where interest is not payable.

Applications for investment funds must be made by completing the application form and submitting this to Richard Fairlamb at the Kennel Club via or by post to Richard Fairlamb, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB.   Further information may be supplied on separate pages if necessary.

Applications must state clearly what the benefits resulting from the project will be upon completion. These may cover but are not restricted to, dog health, dog welfare, benefits to the community (either the dog owning public or the wider community more generally that come into contact with dogs), benefits to the dog activity concerned, e.g. agility, field trials, breed/conformation shows, working trials etc.  Applications must state who is involved with the running of the project and a statement as to how it will be managed, the resources available, the start and end date and the names of the 'guarantors' to the Kennel Club (the person or persons who will sign the agreement with the Kennel Club and their status within the project management structure).

Project applications must have a clear start and end date and be for a fixed amount - projects which are open ended in either time or funding will not be considered.  Once funding has been agreed, the 'project owner(s)' (e.g. the individual, club chairperson, or committee chairperson) enter into a signed agreement with the Kennel Club agreeing to the terms of the funding and providing a commitment to delivering the project benefits. Grant or repayment terms will be included in the contractual agreement.



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