Kennel Club general coronavirus FAQs

Last updated: 13 May 2020

Given the rapidly changing situation, please regularly check the latest government advice across EnglandScotlandWales and Northern Ireland and continually assess your own situation based on this information and where you are in the UK. The Kennel Club is in regular contact with Defra to keep up-to-date on developments.

The full guidance on complying with the most recent measures in England is available on the GOV.UK website:

Guidance for pet owners is available from the government here.


How can I contact relevant departments of the Kennel Club while the offices are shut?              

The Kennel Club will endeavour to keep its services running as smoothly as possible in these times. Please note that during this closure period, there may be delays to respond to postal correspondence, therefore we would ask our customers to use email to contact staff where possible.

To contact the Kennel Club via email please use the relevant email addresses below:

The Kennel Club will be making further announcements as the situation develops and will continue to update its website with current information as appropriate.

We thank all our customers for your understanding and patience during this challenging period.

Will there be a delay of registering my puppies with the Kennel Club if the offices are closed?

There are currently no delays with any of our registration services.  However during this time, we will not be able to accept postal applications and would therefore strongly advise that customers use the online methods which cover the majority of applications, in the event the application is not available online we will accept via email however customer should note that they should not enter payment details, upon receipt we will call to take payment via phone which is secure.

I would like to order the BRS / 5 gen certificate - will this be able to be sent to me?

Yes - there are currently no perceived issues in despatch of certificates which are managed by third party organisations.

Will the operational telephone lines be covered as normal at this time?

Telephone lines will be manned between 10am and 4pm. Outside of these hours customers are urged to send emails and not correspondence by post (post may result in delay).

The following services are all accessible online and due to the closure of both our London and Aylesbury offices we are unable to accept postal applications until further notice:

We would like to reassure our customers that there are very few key services that cannot be completed online, therefore minimising any risk of delay at this current time.  We recommend that additional general contact is covered by email.

Are all Petlog services online?

The vast majority of Petlog services can be accessed online;

  • Change of address
  • Transfer of keepership
  • Recording of a new microchip
  • Recording of an overseas microchip
  • Upgrade to Premium
  • Report pet as missing / found

In addition, all of these services can also be delivered via the phone. Please note we are unable to accept postal applications whilst are offices are closed.

I was due for lunch at the Kennel Club, will it be going ahead? 

The Dining room and Club facilities at the Kennel Club will be closed until further notice, following the latest government guidance.

I had a committee meeting at the Kennel Club, will it be taking place?

The Kennel Club offices are closed until further notice, following the latest government advice.

Is the Kennel Club AGM going ahead?

The Kennel Club Board has given notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Kennel Club Limited, scheduled for 12 May 2020, will be adjourned to 30 June 2020 at 11.30am (venue to be confirmed).

Is Stoneleigh/Emblehope closed?

Our Stoneleigh building is now closed. All those that are holding forthcoming events have been informed.

Emblehope, our farming estate, will remain open, but we will be closed for sporting activity until the end of April and until we receive further advice from Public Health England.   

Who can I talk to/reschedule my booking for the KC building at Stoneleigh/Emblehope?           

Please email               

We thank all our customers and members for your understanding and patience during this challenging period.


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