Kennel Club Educational Trust

Introduction to the Trust

The Kennel Club Educational Trust (Registered Charity No. 1121454).

The Educational Trust aims to run projects, such as the Building at Stoneleigh, and to provide opportunities to educate the public about dogs, and to promote positive messages about the responsibilities of dog ownership to the general public. The Kennel Club has made a substantial donation to the charity, to enable the Building project to be carried through to completion.


The Educational Trust's Trustees are:

  • Gerald King (Chairman of the Kennel Club Educational Trust)
  • Miss Pat Sutton (Member of the Kennel Club General Committee)
  • Paul Rawlings (General Committee, Chairman of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme (KCAI), Field Trials Sub-Committee Member)
  • Jeff Lloyd (Primary Education Consultant)

Background to the Kennel Club Building

For many years, the world of dogs had been making a considerable investment in venues for shows and educational activities, without getting any tangible long-term benefits. Additionally, suitable dog-friendly venues were becoming fewer and fewer.

The Kennel Club had long wanted to address these problems and the provision of a permanent, purpose-built dog show and training centre in a convenient, central location was sought in the interests of dogs, dog people and the dog friendly public.

The Kennel Club found the perfect solution and an historic agreement was reached with the Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) to provide a permanent venue for dog shows, training sessions, seminars and meetings at the Society's showground at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire.

The agreement ensured that the Kennel Club, KC registered clubs and others will have access to use the facility for dog activities on 30 weekends per year, as well as all weekdays and evenings other than those immediately preceding, during and after the Royal Show. This allows the venue to be used for a wide range of other dog activities, such as training and educational sessions, seminars and meetings, as well as shows.

The arrangement has been made on a 99 year basis, ensuring the long-term availability of the building and demonstrates the Kennel Club's commitment to the future of canine education and dog shows.

The Kennel Club Building

Located at Stoneleigh Park, the Building will counter the problem of the reducing number of venues available for dog activities and will provide long term security and a guarantee of availability for dog clubs requiring a venue.


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