#WHEREISYOURDOG? Away from home and alone, your dog may be at risk

Tips to stop your dog escaping


1. Preventing door dashing.

  • Practice getting your dog to sit at every possible door and reward him generously every time he does so.
  • When you are ready for him/her to move, say 'let's go'; say their name and offer a reward as soon as you are through to keep attention on you rather than the exciting things the other side of the door or gate.
  • This takes practice and patience, but keep working until he remains sitting until you invite him to go through with you.

 2. Regularly check your garden for escape opportunities. Remember dogs can squeeze through small gaps and love to dig and jump.


3. Could your dog be bored or lonely? Escapist tendencies may arise from a lack of attention or interesting activities for the dog.

  • Set aside time every day to play with and exercise your dog
  • You shouldn’t leave them alone for large period(s) of time.
  • When out for a walk, allow your dog the freedom to explore whilst remaining under control
  • Have toys and games available to occupy your dog in the house to prevent boredom

 4. Think about how you call your dog to return

  • Think about how you will call your dog to ask them to return to you
  • Chasing your dog whilst calling them may make them think it's a game
  • Consider a more gentle approach and offer food or play rewards which will motivate your dog to return to you happily every time he is called.
  • If your dog’s recall is not yet reliable, keep them on a long line or lead for safety

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