Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act

Following lobbying from the Kennel Club and Dangerous Dogs Act Study Group (DDASG), the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill has now passed its final stage in the Scottish Parliament unanimously. MSPs were lobbied to support an amendment tabled by Patricia Ferguson MSP to remove the reference to a dog's 'size and power' when considering whether it is out of control.

The amendment supports the Kennel Club and DDASG's principle of 'deed not breed' in the control of dangerous or out of control dogs, and the Kennel Club is delighted that this principle was carried by MSPs and the amendment was passed.

Caroline Kisko, Communications Director said "The Kennel Club greatly welcomes the Bill as it will place a legislative focus on the deed, rather than the breed of dogs and finally hold irresponsible dog owners to account.  The current Dangerous Dogs Act was a kneejerk piece of legislation which was rushed through in haste. It has not reduced the number of dog biting incidents but has had a huge impact on the welfare of many dogs.

"It is essential that any new legislation is properly considered to better protect the public against dogs dangerously out of control, without compromising any individual dog's welfare."

The Kennel Club continues to play an active role in lobbying against the injustices of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and runs the secretariat for the Dangerous Dogs Act Study Group which includes other organisations such as Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and Wood Green Animal Shelter. The DDASG has established objectives for a review of dangerous dog legislation and helped to draft the original Dog Control Bill which was taken up in Scotland originally by Alex Neill MSP and continued by Christine Grahame MSP.

The Kennel Club together with DDASG has been lobbying members of the Scottish Parliament to support the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill since it was introduced. The Bill will now become an Act once it has received Royal Ascent in the next few weeks.


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