Pet Passport between Northern Ireland and the British Mainland

The Kennel Club and the Irish Kennel Club are aware of concerns regarding the possibility of an EU-style pet passport being needed to travel between Northern Ireland and the British Mainland once the Brexit transition period ends.

This proposal remains unconfirmed, however, it is best addressed via your MP, who can take this issue up directly with Defra.

Pointers to consider when contacting your MP –

  • Use our template letter which sets out the problems which a pet passport may cause for dog owners. We strongly advise that you express your personal views and experiences to your MP, the template letter only serves as a guideline click here.
  • Evidence your responses as best as possible – explain your motivation for travelling between Northern Ireland and Britain if possible, for instance the pride you have in showing your dog(s); the number of shows you take part in; the need to visit family and friends.
  • Finally, be polite – please be passionate, but please also be respectful to the civil servants who are working on these proposals – they are still a work in progress.


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