Open letter to Tesco

Open letter to Tesco regarding 2013 Christmas advert, 13 October 2013                                                                              

Dear Matt Atkinson,

The Kennel Club is gravely concerned about the new Tesco advertisement, which shows a child in front of a chalkboard that reads 'all I want for Christmas is a puppy".

There has already been considerable outcry on social media about this advertising campaign and we urge Tesco to remove the advert, which we believe will escalate a worrying trend that sees people buying puppies as Christmas presents. Recent Kennel Club research has shown that 11 percent of people still purchase dogs as presents and a further 11 percent buy their dogs as 'spur of the moment' decisions, which is aggravated by the marketing of puppies as presents and toys. Such buying habits result in puppies ending up in the hands of people who are unable to give the time, care and commitment that they need and often results in abandonment further down the line.

We do appreciate that the wording is meant to reflect the views and feelings of a child but we are particularly concerned that the 'pester power' of children influences a considerable number of families to buy a puppy and this will only be exacerbated by this advert.

Buying a puppy is a life-changing decision that requires planning and forethought and the practice of encouraging or subliminally condoning such behaviour should be avoided.

I hope you take note of this letter and withdraw the advertisement, I would be happy to speak with you about any comments or questions you may have.

Kind Regards,

Caroline Kisko


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