Shock collar ban sparks support in Scotland

Bill Wilson, MSP for the West of Scotland region, has tabled a Parliamentary Motion welcoming the announcement made last week by the Welsh Assembly Government to move forward with a ban on electric shock collars in Wales, and is calling on the Scottish Government to follow.

The Kennel Club and Dr Wilson are calling on the Scottish Government to issue the responses to the first stage consultation on this issue which closed in November 2007.

Dr Wilson said: "I have been involved with this campaign for well over a year now, supporting another Motion in the past.  I am delighted by the developments in Wales which is why I tabled the Motion, also hoping, obviously, to raise awareness again of the issue in Parliament.  With the range of alternative, positive training methods available I do not believe there is any need or justification for electric shock training devices.  I will be raising the subject with the Minister over the coming months and I very much hope that the Scottish Government will press ahead with the second stage of the consultation process."

Said Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary:  "We are extremely pleased that Bill has tabled this Motion and remains as committed as we are to seeing a ban brought forward in Scotland.  The Kennel Club is urging the Scottish Government to publish the results of the first consultation, and to move forward with the process.  Wales has now set a precedent on this issue and we very much hope that Scotland will follow."

To let the Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment know your views, write to: Richard Lochhead MSP, The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP.


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