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Defra committed to funding research into the use of electric shock collars on dogs in 2007. The release of their findings has been delayed for the past few years but were released in 2013. The research studies greatly favour the Kennel Club's electric shock collar campaign, concluding that the use of electric shock collar devices by either the average dog owner or by an industry trained professional; have negative welfare consequences to dogs.

As a consequence, the Kennel Club has increased its campaigning activities to push the governments across the UK to finally commit to a ban on these devices. The Kennel Club is therefore encouraging people to write to their MP asking to show their support for the issue. Click here to find your MP. You can also talk to your MP at his or her surgery and you may find our Surgery Guide useful: 


The Scottish Government issued a statement in 2008 confirming that they would await research currently commissioned by Defra in respect of electric shock training devices. The Kennel Club remains disappointed that Scotland has chosen to await this research when Wales have moved forward with a ban based on the significant current evidence. For a full press release on the issue click here.

As the Defra research has now been published, the Kennel Club is urging all those who support the campaign and wish to see a ban in Scotland to write to your MSP outlining their support for such a ban. Use  the Kennel Club's template letter to write to your MSP on this issue.  Click here to find their contact details.

Northern Ireland

During the passage of the Animal Welfare Act in Northern Ireland, the Kennel Club lobbied the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to include a ban for electric shock collars. The Northern Ireland government at the time chose not to introduce a ban but did include powers to the Act to allow for any subsequent subordinate regulations (including a ban on electric shock collars) to be secured at a later stage should evidence show it is necessary.

Similar to Scotland, Northern Ireland were waiting for Defra's research project summaries to be published before considering a ban on electric shock collars. As these findings have now been made available to the public, the Kennel Club is urging the Northern Ireland public to contact their MLAs outlining their concerns regarding the use of electric shock collars and showing their support for a ban. Use the Kennel Club's template letter to write to your  MLA on this issue. Click here to find their contact details.

(The template letter can be the same as the ones used for Westminster and Scotland, and the link for the public finding their MLA is: http://aims.niassembly.gov.uk/mlas/findmlas.aspx)

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