Information For Those Wishing To Object To Breed Specific Legislation

Information For Those Wishing To Object To Breed Specific Legislation

If you wish to write to politicians about breed specific legislation then these facts may be of use:

Genetics and Behaviour
Genetics (breed) plays only a part in the temperament of an individual dog andscientific studies from around the world show that environment probably has a far greater effect. A large percentage of dog biting incidents are due to the irresponsible actions of owners, who have either not taken the time and trouble to train their dog correctly, or have indeed trained them to behave aggressively. Consequently any legislation based on genetics that ignores the influence of the dog's keeper on its behaviour is likely to be ineffective.

Breed specific legislation is unworkable. In England the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 has failed to prevent a large number of dog attacks and has cost the Police millions of pounds in kennelling associated costs.

Welfare Implications
From a welfare perspective, it is concerning that dogs that have not shown any signs of aggression could end up being put to sleep or being remanded in police kennels.

Rumours about 'Lock Jaw' in Pit Bull Terrier Type Dogs
Scientific research has proven that the pit bull terrier and related breeds are physiologically no different from any other breed of dog.  Dr  Lehr Brisbin and colleagues at the University of Georgia have shown that there is nothing in the skeletal structure of the pit bull terrier jaw that is any different from that of any other dog in respect to locking. 

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