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The Welsh Government has also committed to introducing the compulsory microchipping of all dogs in Wales for Spring 2016, following a public consultation in 2012 which received overwhelming support in favour of compulsory microchipping.

The Welsh Government has cited the intended benefits of the new regulations as helping to:

The Kennel Club is delighted with the Welsh Government's decision to join the Westminster government in its commitment to help improve dog welfare through compulsory microchipping.

The move comes after the Kennel Club pledged to gift a microchip scanner to every local authority in England and Wales.

The Kennel Club believes compulsory microchipping will go a long way towards improving welfare by reuniting stray and lost dogs with their owners more quickly, whilst also providing government with solutions to a number of issues relating to irresponsible dog ownership. It is also hoped that microchipping will help keep a record of where each dog has come from, to improve traceability and in turn assist with health and welfare issues such as puppy farming.

Of the estimated 450,000 dogs on Wales, approximately 58% are already microchipped. This means that there are approximately 190,000 dogs that would need to be microchipped prior to March 2015.  The Welsh Government estimates that it is possible to have all dogs microchipped within a year of Regulations coming into effect. The Minister will therefore introduce Regulations shortly in order to allow dog owners 12 months in which to get their dog microchipped.