Compulsory microchipping - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has led the way by being the first devolved administration in the UK to introduce compulsory microchipping, showing a real commitment to responsible dog ownership. The Kennel Club remains grateful to Northern Ireland Assembly Members for supporting such an important piece of legislation for all dog owners whilst simultaneously highlighting the overall significance of microchipping and ensuring all details are kept up to date.

Microchipping is the final provision to be commenced under the Dogs (Amendment) Act (NI) 2011 and required all dogs held under an individual dog licence to be microchipped from 9 April 2012. The Act also provided powers to specify the technical specification of microchips to be used and introduced new record keeping requirements for all holders of a block licence issued for multiple dogs.

Previously, Northern Ireland Assembly Members including Paul Frew MLA, Chairman of the Agricultural and Rural Development Committee, have joined with the Kennel Club in urging all owners to have their pets microchipped and update their contact details in light of the recent legislation as part of National Microchipping Month.

The Northern Ireland Executive hope that the microchipping of dogs will assist Council dog wardens to trace the owners of dangerous and out of control dogs more quickly and help reunite stray and stolen dogs with their owners.

England and Wales have since followed suit by making a commitment to introduce compulsory microchipping. Scotland has also agreed to consult on the issue.


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Compulsory Microchipping
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