Public Spaces Protection Orders – we need your help

A growing number of local authorities are proposing increasingly restrictive dog control measures though Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs). For instance, Carmarthenshire Council recently proposed a PSPO which would require all dogs to be kept on leads, at all times, across all parks and sports pitches (including non-enclosed pitches).

KC Dog continues to campaign against unreasonable access restrictions, but we would also encourage local dog owners to respond in order to strengthen the campaign. We maintain a live list of dog related PSPOs on our website

So far a total of less than 15 PSPOs have either been introduced or are currently under consultation, however we are aware of at least two which have been introduced with very limited publicity around the consultation, and unfortunately KC Dog had no input into them. If you are aware of a PSPO consultation containing measures to control / restrict dogs please let us know by emailing -

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