KC Dog for local authorities

KC Dog for local authorities

The Kennel Club is the leading canine authority on dog access to open spaces, in both urban and rural environments. As we run the largest national dog owners group, KC Dog, we are the only national organisation named by the Government as a body that local authorities should consider consulting when introducing restrictions on dog walkers.  'Where a PSPO will affect dog owners or walkers e.g. by restricting access to all or certain parts of a park, the local authority should consult with them. This can be done through engaging with national organisations, such as the Kennel Club.' (Defra, 'Dealing with irresponsible dog ownership Practitioner's manual', 2014)

Our core objective is to protect fair access for dog walkers to public spaces, however, we are not opposed to all restrictions on dog owners and walkers. The guiding principle by which we work by is to seek the least restrictive approach to achieve the desired reduction in problems associated with dogs.

This could mean introducing restrictions which are limited to specific times of day and/or months of the year, alternatively it may be that by positively engaging with the local dog walking community might be more effective than introducing restrictions - we can help with this too.

The Kennel Club is always willing to discuss with local authorities potential solutions to dog related issues they are facing. We can provide advice on Public Spaces Protection Orders, Dog Control Orders (we strongly recommend contacting us prior to the launch of formal consultations) and other dog management approaches. We can be contacted by email at kcdog@thekennelclub.org.uk or on 020 7518 1020.


Please see the Home Office guidance on PSPOs here

Please download our briefings on the following topics to find out more:

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For any further information please contact: kcdog@thekennelclub.org.uk or read our report here.

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