Forthcoming PSPO consultations

Carmarthenshire County Council - the council had previously launched an informal online consultation, which was reported in the previous newsletter. The council has subsequently made a number of conflicting announcements over what shape their PSPO will take. We have cautiously welcomed the latest of these announcements, which states the council will be formally consulting on three reasonable measures. These are a requirement to pick up after your dog, a dog on lead by direction order and excluding dogs from children's playgrounds. However, of considerable concern to us is reference to a possible review in six months' time to look at the possibility of introducing a blanket dog on lead measure for parks and sports pitches. We strongly opposed the possibility of these measures being introduced during the initial consultation period, and will continue to oppose such measure in the future. We would strongly advise local KC Dog members to do the same, including those who visit Carmarthenshire with their dogs. We will publicise details of the upcoming formal consultation as soon as we have them.

Swindon Borough Council - We have been contacted by Swindon Borough Council regarding a proposed PSPO, details to be confirmed.

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