Electric Shock Collars

Since the publication last year of Defra's two research studies on electric shock collars, the Kennel Club's campaign has reignited and been moving ahead with full force.

Defra's studies demonstrated negative behavioural and physiological changes in dogs which were trained with electric shock collars. The research also showed that even when electric shock collars where used on dogs by professional trainers following an industry standard, there were still long term negative welfare effects. Despite this, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have yet to follow in Wales' footsteps in banning electric shock collars and are instead proposing to create guidance with the industry to inform the public how to responsibly use electric shock collars.

In January, the Kennel Club in conjunction with the Dogs Trust, helped Matthew Offord MP introduce his 10 Minute Rule Bill in Parliament which calls for a ban on the sale and use of electric shock collars. The Bill passed the first reading and has its second reading scheduled in June 2014.

The Kennel Club also commissioned an independent survey into the public's opinion of electric shock collars in England and Scotland, which found that:

  • 73% of the public disapprove of the use of electric shock collars on dogs
  • 81% agree that positive reinforcement training methods can address behavioural issues in dogs without the need for negative training methods
  • 74% of the public would support the government introducing a ban on electric shock collars

The Kennel Club is continuing to pressure government and needs your help. Please write to your MP and express your concerns about electric shock collars and ask them to write to Lord de Mauley, the Defra Minister who deals with companion animal welfare matters, to introduce a ban on these devices. For more details on how to find your MP and what to write, please visit: /our-resources/kennel-club-campaigns/get-involved!/

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