Compulsory dog DNA Registers

KC Dog is becoming increasingly concerned about proposals from local authorities to implement compulsory dog DNA registers in a variety of areas across the country (notably in Barking & Dagenham and Warrington). We have been meeting with Government departments including the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Home Office about this, as well as a local authority intent on taking this forward, as we do not consider such proposals to be reasonable.

Under the proposals samples of dog poo left in public spaces would be collected and analysed, from this a DNA profile would be generated and matched back to the offending dog on the DNA register. The registered keeper of the dog would then be sent a fine through the post. To work this would require the dog to be registered on the database, so ultimately it would mean that all dog owners in that area, or visiting that area, would need to have their dog's DNA registered on a database - at a cost to them, in order to walk their dog.

If a dog is not registered to the database, it is impossible to identify its owner, and this is one of the major issues with a DNA register approach. Those who are intent on not picking up (or for that matter those with banned types of dogs - pit bulls etc) are unlikely to submit their dogs for DNA testing, and therefore it is unlikely that this sort of scheme will result in a substantial reduction in dog fouling - but will be a significant burden on responsible dog owners.

We have written a detailed document about why we do not believe compulsory registers will be effective or fair.

This can be found here

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