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Home Office Statistics

The Home Office has released its Annual Report and statistics of scientific procedures on living animals for 2013, which has shown a decrease of 1.3% in thenumber of procedurescarried out on dogs, but an 11% increase in thenumber of dogsbeing used in experiments. In 2013, 3,554 dogs were used in experiments, compared to 3,214 the previous year.

The campaigns team is disappointed that despite our success in achieving the special protection for dogs in scientific experiments during the transposition of the EU Directive 2010/63/EU into UK law, the statistics are still rising.

The campaigns team will continue to raise this with the Home Office and ensure that work is being done to minimise the use of dogs in scientific experiments.

If you are concerned about the recent increase in the statistics, then you can raise your concerns to your MP (find your MP here: asking them to write to the Home Office (the department responsible for regulating animals used in scientific experiments).

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Section 24 Consultation

The campaigns team has recently welcomed the Home Office's consultation to review Section 24 which prevents the sharing of information regarding animal experiments with the public and industry even when the provider has no objection. Currently, individuals who share this information risk committing a criminal offence carrying up to two years imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

The team has submitted our response (hyperlink) and argues that amending Section 24 to facilitate the sharing of information on animal experiments will help promote openness and transparency in the industry which will ultimately help protect animal welfare. However, we accept the need to retain confidentiality clauses to protect intellectual property as well as the health and safety of people and places involved in animal research.

The consultation responses are currently being reviewed. For more information on the consultation, please visit:

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