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The Kennel Club has developed a collection of Information Guides for prospective and existing dog owners.

Each guide is designed to give you key information and advice about some of the different issues you may face during your relationship with your dog.

Managing your dog's weight
Contents include: How to tell if your dog is overweight, what causes obesity, and support in how to manage your dog's weight.
Dog Poisons
Contents include: list of common canine poisons in your house and garden, what to do if your dog was poisoned and how to keep your dog safe.
Choosing and bringing home the right dog for you
Contents include: questions to ask if considering buying a dog, advice and tips about buying a new puppy, where to look and who to ask, what to expect from a breeder, after you have bought your puppy.
A guide to pet insurance
Contents include: which factors will determine the policy cost, considerations when choosing a policy, types of vets's fees cover.
Why should I microchip my pet?
Contents include: microchipping information, microchip databases, petlog, how to find missing pets.

How to look after your dog in its senior years
Contents include: health, feeding, exercise.
Road travel with your dog
Contents include: how to make car journeys comfortable for your dog, never leave your dog unattended in a car, petlog, insurance information.
Moving house with your dog
Contents include: collar ID tags, Petlog, moving and car journey tips.
How to get started with dog training
Contents include: puppy socialisation advice, find a dog club, what to consider when choosing a training club, training tips.
Thinking of working with dogs?
Contents include: working with Assistance Dogs, working as a Dog Trainer or Behaviourist, working in Kennels, working as a Dog Groomer, working as a Dog Warden, working as an RSPCA Inspector, working as a Veterinary Nurse or Surgeon.
Travelling abroad with your dog
Contents include: what to do before you go abroad, rabies vaccination, while abroad with your dog, coming back to the UK.
How to get involved in fun activities and competitions with your dog?
Contents include: KC registration, Agility, Bloodhound Trials, Dog Showing, Flyball, Field Trials & Gundog Working Tests, Heelwork to Music, Obedience, Working Trials.
Thinking of showing your dog in the UK?
Contents include: what to do before entering the UK, entering the UK, dog laws in the UK, staying in the UK, Kennel Club rules regarding double handling, grooming and fouling?
How to register your dog with the Kennel Club
Contents include: Breed Register, how to transfer registered ownership, Activity Register.
Asthma and your dog
Contents include: how animals trigger asthma symptoms, should you get a dog if they trigger you asthma, what to do if your dog triggers your asthma symptoms, advice about re-homing your dog.
Kennel Club Endorsements
Contents include: why KC endorsements are placed, how an endorsement can be removed, regulation B12 - Endorsements
Introducing Dogs to Children and Babies
Contents include: steps that you can take, both before the arrival of your new baby, and when you bring it home, which will help to ease the transition and make the relationship a happy and safe one.
Puppy Socialisation
Contents include: mentally and behaviourally preparing a puppy for the world around them, and also for laying the foundations for successful interactions with people, dogs and other animals.
Health and brachycephalic breeds
Contents include: what is a brachycephalic dog, which breeds are brachycephalic, can head shape impact health and what to consider when buying a puppy of a brachycephalic breed.


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