Lucy Smith

Name: Lucy Smith

Position: Young Kennel Club and Youth Development Manager

Day to day activities: There are three of us in the team who are responsible for ensuring the day to day running of the Young Kennel Club, myself, Jane Fullbrook and Claire Tuck. The most important part of our day to day business is keeping members up to date with current activities and events, as well as organising the actual events. We become involved in all aspects of the business including marketing and design, developing the membership, producing the newsletter, updating our website and social media, organising our own events and keeping up to date with other organisations. We also work closely with the senior membership through work placements or volunteering, and actively seek their opinions and views, which often results in a new scheme or initiative to keep us busy.

Favourite part of the job: The members vary so much in what they do with their dogs and what they need from the club, that the job is extremely varied - which means there is always something new to become involved with. During the summer months we get to go out and about and meet the members in the field (quite literally) which is rewarding and lots of fun when the sun is shining, but not so good when the English summertime inevitably disappoints.

Least favourite part of the job: Obscene early morning starts at Crufts and the unpredictable weather mentioned above.

My dogs: Working full time and living in London means I am unable to own a dog at present. As a child I had dogs ranging from Boxers to Yorkshire Terriers and  a few strays picked up along the way. At present I get to dog sit a very lively Staffordshire Bull Terrier (belonging to my sister) who I believe is the first (and only) dog ever to be sent home from the KC premises in London! In the future, I would love to have two Miniature Schnauzers (one salt and pepper and one black please).


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