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Agria Pet Insurance

As dedicated supporters of the health and welfare of dogs, The Kennel Club has developed a firm commitment to provide the very best service for the animals that they represent, for the breeders that strive to maintain high standards in the puppies they breed, and for the individuals that welcome dog ownership into their lives.

As official providers of the Kennel Club Pet Insurance Scheme, Agria is an accomplished insurance provider with experience accumulated over more than a hundred and twenty years. Not only do we provide coveted lifetime protection for both dogs and cats, but we offer cover options and premiums to suit the needs of any pet owner.

In particular, Agria's ability to supply a high quality, flexible range of benefits has benefited uniquely from sharing in the Kennel Club's special understanding of the dog breeding community. With this knowledge, we have been able to improve our understanding of the insurance needs for both owners and breeders and we will continue to adapt as these needs change.

It has been a privilege for Agria to be entrusted to maintain the high standards of service expected under the Kennel Club brand and, through our partnership, we are committed to developing 'best in class' insurance solutions for each and every customer that the Kennel Club serves.


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