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The Kennel Club Academy – free education for breeders online

Breeder Education resources have been developed for the Kennel Club Academy to offer accessible information for dog breeders and those considering breeding from their dogs.

Our first series of films cover topics on pre-breeding considerations and as the Breeder Education resources develop, information will be accessible on all aspects of dog breeding, rearing, owning and caring for the future of health of your dogs.

The first series includes a film on the how to use the Kennel Club's Mate Select tool, a free and open access tool available via the Kennel Club website, it is hoped the film will help dog breeders understand how to use the tools available effectively before making breeding decisions. The series also features a film on Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), available on the Kennel Club website for hip and elbow scores for 28 breeds.

As well as having a better understanding of how to use the tools available the first series includes films on getting started with DNA testing, understanding the differences between simple and complex inherited disorders and some key principles of inbreeding and selection, all hoped to better equip dog breeders in making key decisions before breeding.

The Kennel Club Academy Breeder Education is free and available to all dog breeders. Further films will be added to the first series shortly as the Academy continues to grow.

Please visit the Health team on the Kennel Club stand in Hall 3 at Crufts to find out more.

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