What does the Kennel Club do for health?

22nd August 2016 - 2:00 PM

Did you know that in 2015, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust gave over £500,000 to aid scientific research, or that last year alone the Kennel Club e-mailed around 420,000 owners inviting them and their dogs to contribute to independent scientific research, or that Mate Select, a free online Kennel Club health resource for breeders, was used approximately two million times? 

Are you aware of the ways in which the Kennel Club endeavours to makes a difference to dog health? There’s always more to be done and we’re always working on new health initiatives, better resources and novel ways to improve health education, but a new report has been produced on ‘What the Kennel Club does for dog health’.

The report encompasses much of the work undertaken in recent years and includes detailed sections on:

  • How the KC promotes health through education
  • Initiatives designed to improve health awareness in dog shows
  • How the KC promotes and progresses scientific research
  • How the KC encourages responsible breeding of healthy dogs.

Each topic covered in the report is accompanied by an impact statistic to show what effect each initiative, or event, has had.

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