Reporting operations on dogs to KC now easier

12th April 2016 - 3:00 PM

The Kennel Club has recently launched online reporting forms for vets to report operations and caesarean sections carried out on Kennel Club registered dogs, in order to make it easier to help the Kennel Club monitor and improve dog health and welfare.

The new online reporting forms have been launched to simplify the reporting process, making it easier for vets to submit information that will ultimately help to improve the health of pedigree dogs, as it provides information on breeding lines which may pass on certain defects and helps to deter breeders from breeding from animals with hereditary problems.

As part of registration with the Kennel Club, any operations which alter the natural conformation of a dog registered with the Kennel Club should be reported by the dog's owner or their vet. Owners who wish to compete at Kennel Club licensed shows with dogs which have undergone such operations must apply for permission to do so. Vets and breeders are also asked to report caesareans as the Kennel Club will not register a litter from a bitch that has already had two caesareans.

Although many responsible owners and breeders, and some vets, already report operations to the Kennel Club, this is not a uniform practice and it is hoped that this new simpler way to do so will help to ensure that we work more closely together in the future.

Veterinarians that are concerned about breaching confidentiality can be reassured that when registering a litter with the Kennel Club, breeders sign a declaration which means that the vet will never be breaching confidentiality when reporting such operations. The declaration says:

"I/we confirm and agree that any veterinary surgery performing a caesarean section and/or operation on any of my/our dogs in such a way that the operation alters the natural conformation of the dog or any part thereof may submit a report to the Kennel Club."

The declaration regarding the reporting of operations which change natural conformation was made a condition of Kennel Club registration in 1990 and caesareans were added to the declaration in 2010.

Further information and the online reporting forms for vets can be found here.

The BVA's guidance on veterinary reporting can be found here.

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