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Free online health education films for breeders

The Kennel Club have launched a revolutionary new online learning resource, the Kennel Club Academy, to provide, amongst other things, education, experience and advice to breeders on how to responsibly breed healthy dogs.

The Kennel Club Academy offers a series of films that cover topics on pre-breeding considerations, such as understanding inheritance, health testing and how to maximise the chances of producing healthy offspring.  All films have been developed by experts in their fields and offer users an insight into their knowledge and experience.

The aim of these films is to provide all breeders, whether they are new to breeding or very experienced, with the means by which to further their understanding of the rapidly developing science of dog breeding.  These free videos also highlight the health information available to modern dog breeders and stress how they can be used effectively.

The Kennel Club Academy is free to all dog breeders and will continue to enhance user's knowledge as further films are added. As the Kennel Club Academy develops, additional information will be accessible on all aspects of dog breeding, rearing, owning and caring for dogs.

The Kennel Club Academy can now be accessed here. Films that are currently available for breeders include:

Other learning resources are also available via the Kennel Club Academy for dog show judges and members of The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI).

The breeder information is free of charge, whilst the cost for judge's education is £26 a year, with access to all courses. The costs for KCAI scheme members will be £5 per assessment.