PSPOs in the news

26th March 2015 - 10:00 AM

Coventry City Council has recently been in the local media due to their proposed Public Space Protection Orders which would have seen dog walker access restricted across the city, with dogs having to be kept on leads in all fields and parks in Coventry.

Given the unreasonable nature of Public Space Protection Orders proposed by Coventry City Council a local action group, Dogs in Coventry, was quickly formed to oppose the orders. Almost 5,000 people signed a petition asking the council to readdress the issue and through constructive debate with the council and local dog owners contacting other campaign groups, such as KC Dog, the Dogs in Coventry group successfully encouraged the council to revisit their proposals and have secured fairer access for dogs and their owners in Coventry. As a result, dogs will now continue to be allowed to be exercised off lead in the majority of green areas.  Some restrictions are being applied, such as dogs on leads in formal gardens and as many green areas as they have been, except on sports grounds when games are being played.  The Dogs in Coventry group is continuing to engage with the Council and various other local organisations, such as Friends of Parks groups in order to achieve a sensible and proportionate set of controls around the city.

KC Dog would encourage our Coventry-based members to join the Dogs in Coventry group to stay updated as, despite their success, the group remains concerned that the current PSPOs, whilst seemingly reasonable, have still not been fully defined, are poorly drafted and may have unintended consequences and ambiguities. To join, please visit

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