Electric shock collars – campaign updates from across the UK

26th March 2015 - 1:00 PM

The campaign to ban electric shock collars has continued and led to a debate and photo call session in the Scottish Parliament at the beginning of this year. More recently, the 24th March marked the 5 year anniversary of the ban that already exists in Wales and which we marked with a joint press release with other welfare organisations on the need for the ban to continue in the face of calls for a review of the legislation. In England, we have publicised research produced by the University of Lincoln that concludes stronger than previously that shock collars compromise the welfare of dogs.

Following our presentation on the need for a ban on the sale and use of electric shock training devices in Scotland towards the end of last year, Convener of the Cross Party Animal Welfare Group, Christine Graeme MSP, put down for a debate on the matter in the Scottish Parliament and invited us to brief MSPs and run a photocall afterwards. Throughout the debate, references were made to the Kennel Club by a number of MSPs and following the debate around 15 MSPs took part in the photocall session where they tried out a shock collar on themselves.

In Wales, there is currently a campaign for the need for a review on the ban of electric shock training devices. We have led the way in working with other animal welfare charities to support the current regulations in Wales banning the sale and use of electric shock training devices. If you live in Wales and support the current ban then write to your local Assembly Member as soon as possible. Contact KC Dog for a standard letter at

In England we have written to Defra regarding recent research undertaken by the University of Lincoln which concludes more strongly than previously that shock collars compromise the welfare of dogs. In addition to this, a member of the public has tabled a petition on the need for electric shock training devices to be banned in England. The petition can be found here and we would very much encourage KC Dog members to sign.

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