1st June 2015 - 12:00 PM

We have just received an astonishing donation, and as it is one of a kind within the collection the Library and Gallery Panel are delighted to share it with you at extreme short notice.

Feast your eyes on this extraordinary 19th Century Japanese embroidery of a Japanese Chin. Although the artist's name has been lost in the fog of time, we think you'll agree that the workmanship is not only miraculous in its execution, but also in its preservation.

The piece shows an embroidered representation of a black and white Japanese Chin wearing a white gauze collar. It has been executed using single black and white silk threads onto a dun coloured silk background, and clearly demonstrates expert workmanship.

The Kennel Club has been fortunate to receive this spectacular donation through the generosity of Mrs Hilary Stapley who, as she has received offers to privately purchase the piece, stated "money isn't everything, I wanted to know that it had gone to the best place for it."

Mrs Stapley's Great Grandfather was present at the Court of the Japanese Emperor in the 19th Century and brought the piece back with him on his return to the U.K.

We're hoping to be able to display this piece in the controlled environment of the Kennel Club Gallery so do make a special trip to see this, and the other wonderful donations, the next time you're at Clarges Street.

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